Brain Health

"I spent 70 days in two different hospitals ... But it wasn’t until after I returned home that I truly discovered how being hit by a subway was going to change my life."
The former Carolina Panthers safety weighed in after the league announced that it will end the controversial testing system.
A test to assess brain injury claims assumed Black players started out with lower cognitive skills, making it harder to show a deficit -- and file a claim.
A test administered to former NFL players to gauge brain injury claims assumes Black men start with lower cognitive skills.
The former Washington and San Francisco player had at least seven documented concussions.
Sometimes a fresh perspective doesn't really change much.
The singer shares details of the near-fatal 2018 incident in the new docuseries, “Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil."
Researchers may be one step closer to unlocking the mystery of brain fog and "COVID dementia" caused by the coronavirus.
It is increasingly clear that the coronavirus can cause many neurological issues, from mild cognitive decline to severe inflammation.
"I forgot my parents’ names and my favorite color. I forgot how to walk. I no longer even knew whether or not I liked yogurt."