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A celebratory and informative series on all things boobs. Let’s leave the taboo, clinical or fear-mongering stuff aside and plainly discuss everything you ever wanted to know or ask about breasts.


"I worried that the man I was starting to like would be disappointed or repulsed ... I needed to warn him so he wouldn’t be surprised at what he saw or touched."
We spoke to four trans women about their experiences getting breast implants, from deciding on cup size to how family and partners reacted to the change.
Lactation experts discuss the signs for those who have them, as well as ways to reduce pain while pumping breast milk.
If you're stressed about the procedure and getting tested for breast cancer, read this guide.
Pick one up from a specialty store or popular retailer like Aerie, Cuup, Skims and more.
Though less common, the disease is often far along once it's discovered. This is what experts want you to know.
A sartorial examination of the training bra explains why this archaic garment is both confusing and problematic.
The way we eat clearly affects the risk of contracting the disease (and soy may not be as bad as you thought).
Breast lumps may be the most well-known sign of breast cancer, but the disease can present in many other forms, too.
First-time bras from retailers like Amazon, Old Navy and more that your tween will actually feel confident wearing.
"Scabby dark lines ran horizontally over the slightly bruised skin where my breasts had been — lines studded with stitches designed to dissolve in the body."
Finding a mass in your breast can be scary — and it's even more stressful and difficult for people who have naturally lumpy breasts in the first place.
The hormone shifts aren't over yet. The end of your breastfeeding journey may bring you one last round of symptoms and emotions.
Here's what OB-GYNs tell patients whose breasts are different in size, volume or position. (In some cases, your condition could be serious.)
The physical signs and changes associated with breast cancer aren't limited to the breast tissue.
A fashion designer, stylist, model and activists explain the fit model, and how sizing occurs at the nexus of capitalism and creativity.
We spoke with several servers who worked at places like Hooters and Twin Peaks. Their perspectives tell a complicated story with multiple glaring inconvenient truths.
"Yes, big boobs come with baggage. But despite it all, there’s so much to adore about being a busty woman."
Experts share how breast cancer commonly manifests and the physical signs and changes to look out for.
Low-maintenance, comfortable, fuss-free bras for people who hate wearing them.
From nipple creams to nursing pillows, here are a few things that personally helped me ease the discomfort of nursing.
Find rings, necklaces and earrings that use your breast milk to create a special keepsake for parents.
Less than 1% of all breast cancer diagnoses are men. Here's what Peter Botros wants everyone to take away from his experience.
There's a subtle way of calling them out, but there's also a direct strategy you can try.
How nipples expose everyday hypocrisies around our understanding of women’s bodies and why it's important to rethink their place in culture.
From yellow to blue to black, experts break down the explanations for different breast milk hues.