The teen experienced months of retaliatory bullying after telling her parents she received an anti-Semitic photo from classmates, a lawsuit claims.
The boy's family discusses criticisms of the heartbreaking video and the bizarre viral rumors that followed with Australia's NITV.
The 9-year-old's family has asked for the donations to go instead to organizations that help Indigenous youth and people with dwarfism.
Days earlier, video of the 9-year-old breaking down over taunts about his dwarfism went viral.
The “Stranger Things” star gets candid about the challenges of growing up in the spotlight.
The “Stranger Things” star got candid about the challenges she faces growing up in the spotlight.
"Funny — as you slur your words so frequently, many of us wonder if YOUR teeth keep falling out," tweeted Mia Farrow.
The actor recalled her experience being picked on at school during a speech at the United Nations.
Jordan Steffy of LaPorte, Indiana said the classroom fight was a breaking point. But he wants supporters to direct their anger elsewhere.
“When I send my son to school, I want to be a million percent sure that he's not going to get hurt. He is going to learn and to be safe.”
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Trump dismissed the former vice president's characterization that the president is "the bully that I knew my whole life."
A 13-year-old faces assault charges in the attack, which the mother said came after her son was bullied about his ethnicity.