We have to change our eating habits if we want to avoid a climate change catastrophe.
The name change to IHOb was part of a marketing campaign to promote the chain's burgers.
Turns out, the "b" stands for "burgers," not "buzzkill."
Our president has cut down to just half a bun, but there are healthier ways to adjust your burger-eating habits.
While other networks had wall-to-wall coverage of the federal indictments stemming from the Russia probe, Fox News covered other “news.”
It's National Hamburger Day and we couldn't be more excited! Take a look as we celebrate with some delicious burgers from NYC!
Besides, the best is from Culver's in Wisconsin.
(Photo: Keuken van het Ongewenst Dier/Facebook) More from Grub Street: Yikes, McDonald's Holiday Cups Look X-Rated! Where
Joan Kroc gave away around 2.8 billion dollars and seems to have written enormous checks almost randomly, sometimes to causes
At least she appreciated my efforts. So, actually, did Sue, Lauren and Guillaume, who acknowledged that I tried my best. Sue
OK, class, time for a city-wide walkabout. First thing to report: Arafat is still ensconced outside the Blue Night, his beanie
Burgers -- from classic varieties to unique stunners -- continue to be one of the trendiest (and most delicious!) foods of the year. Here are 13 more delectable burgers you need to check out: