Carla Bruni

Charitably yours attended the kick-off cocktail for the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation "Pit Bulls as Pets" encouraging rescue and adoption of these sweet canines.
But it isn't entirely Piketty's arguments and analysis that have intimidated friend and foe alike. Instead, it's his uniquely French adherence to a deeply threatening sartorial affectation.
We love this woman: Bruni was right at home in the fashion spotlight, of course. Before her stint in Élysée Palace, she was
If only the easily swayed foreign ministries had known nude photos of the former super model and songwriter have been circling
You might think that senior diplomats, engaged in top-level international negotiations, would be too busy or too wise to be tempted into checking out unsolicited pictures of naked ladies, sent from anonymous sources, on their work emails.
Since how we navigate this period will determine the second half of life, the stakes at midlife are high. If we've made the right choices, then ultimately we're not different from who we once were -- we're more authentic and real.
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"It was an incredible experience. It was very -- how can I say? -- exceptional, you know. What happens with the royal family
Carla Bruni opens up about meeting the british The Royal Family
See more pics of Carla doing her thing: The photos, lensed by Terry Richardson back in March, depict the blue-eyed stunner