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“This isn’t just a matter of a few bad eggs and ​we all know it."
“Because he has flames on his shirt, everybody s**ts all over him like he’s a member of Nickelback.”
Answer by Gordon Ramsay, MasterClass Professor, Award Winning Chef, on Quora: What's the difference between a good chef and
What will Gordon Ramsay's MasterClass teach us? originally appeared on Quora - the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering
A: I'm a self competitive perfectionist, so I need things to be right. When I get put in a situation that needs my undivided
From Persian frittatas with fresh herbs to chicken and pomegranate walnut sauce, the Dodge/Zaré road show from Southern California
Morning in America Rosemary Lemon Teacake It just takes a single sprig of fresh rosemary to add a haunting autumnal note
Chefs, in particular those who enjoy global visibility and celebrity appeal, are somehow expected to play the role of modern
The TV host would "absolutely f***ing not" grab a bite with The Donald.
Here the mission is artistic, painting a delicious menu of Asian-American fusion food using locally grown ingredients. Maybe