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Knowing your skin's undertone is a key piece of information about yourself to take with you makeup shopping and when choosing a hair color at the hair salon.
* Stern, RS. Prevalence of a history of skin cancer in 2007: results of an incidence-based model. Arch Dermatol 2010; 146
Don't worry, we won't tell anyone. From shaving properly to remembering to moisturize, combatting oil to managing acne as
On to why you look like hell first thing in the morning. You might think that it has to do with going to bed after the sun's
More than your typical spring snow storm, this was a blizzard: two feet on the ground, flakes piling up by the minute, it
So what exactly are men having done? No Regrets? Tattoo removal, which seems so sweet and innocent compared with all this
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Bumble and Bumble Oribe Patrick Demarchelier Phyto Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Mask, $39, sephora.com. These editor-approved
The only thing better than waking up refreshed? Waking up prettier. I rely on these to get me there.
Zoya Cinnamon, $9, zoya.com. Nails Inc Alice + Olivia Midnight Merlot, $15, nailsinc.com. Dior Metropolis, $27, dior.com
Supermodel Miranda Kerr launched KORA, an organic skincare line, after failing to find appealing products on the existing market. Here, the Australian beauty talks beauty as part of a holistic and healthy lifestyle.