Celiac Disease

Going gluten-free starts with getting the right diagnosis.
Yes, chocolate cake is possible on a gluten-free diet.
More people are getting tested and diagnosed, thanks to more awareness about the disease.
If you're unsure about whether gluten is a problem for you, check out the tips below, then commit to going completely gluten-free for at least 21 days. That's long enough to decide whether a gluten-free life is right for you.
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Two years after my diagnosis I started a relationship with yoga, which as grown quickly and significantly. I practice Hatha
We stand at the ready, eager to jump in when science needs our help to cure our disease.
A new study legitimizes wheat sensitivity -- and a blood test could change everything.
Being gluten-free for me is not a preference; it is a prescription.
Most kids' lives are already full of drama so please, I beg of you, don't add any more! Remind them that you know how hard
None of your friends will taste the difference however, you may just touch the heart of someone like me or my kids who wouldn't have expected to be able to eat any dessert they didn't bring themselves.