Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

“This is voluntary. I don’t think I am going to be doing it,” the president told reporters at Friday's coronavirus task force meeting.
The advisory is in addition to current social distancing guidelines.
The number of deaths and infections around the world, including in the U.S., are likely far higher than government tallies suggest.
Back in February, the CDC warned that asymptomatic patients could spread COVID-19. But Gov. Brian Kemp says he only just learned of the phenomenon.
A watchdog group says the postcard with coronavirus guidelines seemed designed to boost Trump’s reelection.
New York's mounting toll is a "warning to other areas about what may happen or what may already be starting to happen," said the CDC's Anne Schuchat.
The comedian said she was denied a COVID-19 test and called out President Donald Trump for his false claims over the abundance of testing kits.
Outside observers and federal health officials say there are four primary issues that together hampered the national response to COVID-19.
Stuck at home with a partner, kid or roommate who has COVID-19 symptoms? Here's how to take care of them (and yourself).
It's the latest evidence that the president’s focus is on public relations, not managing a worsening catastrophe.
After initial reports said young people were not as vulnerable to the coronavirus, officials are changing their messaging — but some spring breakers may not be listening.
Adults aged 20 to 54 accounted for 38% of the known coronavirus hospitalizations in the U.S., the agency said, citing an early analysis.
Most of the government's warnings about COVID-19 are in English and may not be reaching millions of America's Spanish speakers.
The virus responsible for COVID-19 has been detected nationwide, the CDC confirmed.
President Donald Trump announced new official guidelines for all Americans to follow for 15 days in an attempt to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
As President Donald Trump’s travel ban took effect, Americans rushing back from Europe were faced with long lines once they stepped back in the United States.
States are testing fewer than 100 people a day and the CDC tested even fewer in an entire week.
Experts talk about COVID-19 immunity, if you can get the disease more than once, and how long someone is contagious.
CDC Director Robert Redfield agreed to invoke his authority to authorize the government to pay for coronavirus testing after the congresswoman grilled him.
Pay attention to public health officials. The president has proven himself incapable of sticking to science.