Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The CDC is investigating whether five salmonella cases are linked to the products.
Deaths and paralysis stemming from respiratory infections have been reported, but those cases are rare.
Cases of acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) are extremely rare but on the rise in the U.S. How it spreads is unknown.
It was the disease’s highest death toll in at least four decades.
The ex-NYC health commissioner allegedly forcibly touched a woman inside his residence in 2017.
Here's when you should and shouldn't scrub down.
The Centers for Disease Control is telling people to stop reusing condoms because it reduces their effectiveness.
The warning comes at a time when sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise.
Hookworm is a parasite that enters the body by burrowing into the skin.
A spending bill passed earlier this year reaffirmed the CDC's authority to study gun violence, but that's unlikely to happen without additional funding.
100 people have fallen ill after eating the popular Kellogg's cereal.
Cases of the potentially deadly liver disease have nearly doubled as outbreaks spread nationwide.
"It's a national problem of wide scope that we need comprehensive approaches for."
The world is under threat from the growing risks of potentially pandemic diseases.
Mia Lobo was looking forward to her preschool graduation. She never made it.
So far, 121 illnesses have been reported across 25 states.