Custody and Child Support

Negotiations don't end at child support or alimony.
The two have been at odds for months over child support for sons Sean Preston and Jayden James.
The remains were found at a compound where authorities found 11 children and five adults living in squalor.
The actors have been warring over the custody of their six children.
It looked like they "had not bathed him the 85 days he was away from us," said the boy's mom.
Our pets are more like our kids than our property. The law doesn't see it that way.
Beverly and Donald McLeod say goodbye to a 35-year marriage and hello to a split on the Oilers tickets.
The gag order from his child custody trial has been lifted. Lucky us.
Attorneys for his ex-wife were forced to muzzle the argument that his talk-show persona made him an unfit father.
Her 7-year-old granddaughter reportedly believed "Nelda" took control and did "mean things."
An amendment that would give custody of children to their father if their mother remarries has sparked outrage among Egyptian
Shepherd’s team touts victory in California case, while the case could head back to New Jersey.
Get A Parenting Plan If you don't have an attorney and are representing yourself, then the holidays can be unbearable and
These are issues that really need serious consideration and should not be decided based upon fantasy scenarios that sound
Last weekend my boys were with their dad. It wasn't like it was a surprise. It happens every other weekend. But I'm struggling with it much more than I thought I would.