Child Loss

Invite miracles into your life. They might arrive just in time for Mother’s Day.
Neffe Pugh and her then-husband got up for church one morning and their son was gone.
The hodgepodge of emotions came full circle in that meeting, making me realize that her preemie story is something I've actually embraced since the day she was born. It's not a bad thing that my child's premature history will always be part of the conversation.
The family decided they’d celebrate William’s life while they could.
I just don’t want people to dismiss our first son.
There is a stigma in our society that we shouldn't talk about our children who have died. Maybe it makes other people uncomfortable or maybe people don't truly understand unless they, too, experience a pregnancy or child loss.
Four families share the process and emotions involved in losing a pregnancy.
Age is irrelevant to me. Sharp minds usually stay sharp. It's the ears that stop listening or don't listen at all that bothers me and, I'm sure, that all the grieving parents in Arizona want is to get the same unpaid time off as someone who has a child, or cares for a sick family member, or service member. It's not about business, it's about compassion.
As a mom to a daughter that was stillborn two-and-a-half years ago, I still think about her all the time.
Three kids and almost seven years late I still think about that unborn baby. And I'm realizing that's ok. That I can't buy into the shame that I did something wrong, or that I'm not a real woman. So I take a deep breath, gather up my courage and slowly type "me too, friend."
I never expected my life to take a dramatic turn. Bad things didn't happen to me. I was happily married with a successful was good. But, it only takes an instant for your life to turn upside down. That happened to me in 2013, when two of my triplets died within two months of their birth.
The summer months are difficult for me, they always will be. Each day, the constant reminders of three years ago dance through my head. The beautiful moment of giving birth to my triplets is met with the tragic and painful memory of losing two of my children. As the years go by, life moves forward.
The email flashes across my screen in bold, black type: B got married on the weekend. So... how are you doing?" How am I
Why doesn't grief go away? Well, here are four reasons it might not for you.