Child Prodigies

This article first appeared on One in five million children is born a prodigy, meaning she or he will reach
I don't think children should be discouraged from learning how to sing in the classical style - especially if they become
The two conditions share a genetic link that could one day inform better treatments for autism, one scientist says.
The younger cast seems like part of an unfortunate trend -- especially, but not exclusively in the dance world -- of emphasizing child celebrities.
It's almost as if he stepped out of a comic book
Note to parents of non-prodigies (so, most of you): No amount of flash cards, professional training or baby Einstein DVDs can make your kid a prodigy if the stuff isn't there, so don't try. It will just make both of you miserable.
The study's value comes primarily in raising new questions, Raphael Bernier, a University of Washington researcher and clinical
The son of Chinese composer and conductor Ziliang and Korean pianist Rho Aera, this kid was born to play. Yu started on the
The gifted second grader started honing his craft using the age appropriate medium of markers, later expanding his technique