Child Prodigies

This article first appeared on One in five million children is born a prodigy, meaning she or he will reach
There are two issues most professional adult classical singers have with these child opera singers. First of all, they tend
The two conditions share a genetic link that could one day inform better treatments for autism, one scientist says.
The younger cast seems like part of an unfortunate trend -- especially, but not exclusively in the dance world -- of emphasizing child celebrities.
It's almost as if he stepped out of a comic book
Note to parents of non-prodigies (so, most of you): No amount of flash cards, professional training or baby Einstein DVDs can make your kid a prodigy if the stuff isn't there, so don't try. It will just make both of you miserable.
Ruthsatz said she hopes further work will illuminate why the shared genetic variations benefit prodigies but cause dysfunction
So of course it wasn't long before Ellen found out about the child prodigy. Yu appeared on her show on Sept. 24 and charmed
Father and Son Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce a young artist who goes by the name of Yung Lenox. He's seven
Moziah Bridges, Age 11 Isabella Rose Taylor, Age 12 See more impressive kiddos: If you think your New Year's resolutions
From Kendrick Johnson to Renisha McBride, too many young black people made headlines this year in the United States for news
6. Umi Garrett, 13 years old NC Child Prodigy Suffers from Debilitating Disease Nigerian photographer Onafujiri "Fuji" Remet
See the adorable Tomás perform and ask questions about composing at HuffPost Live HERE: Tomás started taking piano lessons
It's hard to believe how young Amira is, but even more surprising to learn that she is completely self-taught, and used only
2013-01-18-TEDplayvideo.jpgThe beautiful piano performance by Derek Paravicini "In The Key Of Genius" would be impressive even if he wasn't challenged by blindness and autism. But curiously, that's not what struck me most about this young man.