"If the unimaginable has happened to you, watching a tasteless portrayal of it in a show that’s centered around dragons — yes, dragons — is a total gut punch."
"It turned out that one of the stitches wasn’t sewn correctly and there was a piece of skin hanging where it shouldn’t. It had to be burned off."
The photo was released the day of the premiere of the new season of "The Kardashians."
Showrunner Miguel Sapochnik said the show's creators screened the scene for “as many women as possible.”
Maye Quade won the Democratic primary for her state Senate race in Minnesota.
One thing that's certain about birth is its unpredictability. But a birth plan can still be a useful tool for you and your care providers.
"I get off the bed and gingerly make my way to the bathroom, every step a jolt producing more and more blood... The room blurs... Then everything goes black."
"It has been 16 years, but I can still hear myself begging my mother, my doctor, not to make me do this ― please don’t make me do this."
In the decades long struggle for abortion rights, some men have played an active supporting role, through organizations and as legislators and abortion providers.
Benjamin Hulleberg wrote letters, joined an adoption registry and took a DNA test to find the woman he knew only as Holly. She'd been nearby all along.