Divorce and Children

If you share kids with somebody, there are going to be these things called the marriage fights that will continue during
If we consider that each divorcing adult may have a set of parents, a sibling or two, a group of good friends, uncles, aunts, grandparents and co-workers, we quickly move from two million adults affected by divorce to thirty million feeling the power of divorce.
Lately, I’ve had a handful of clients come into my office grappling with the idea of whether or not to divorce. It’s a fraught
I was 26 years old when my parents divorced. I never saw them act lovingly or respectfully towards one another. the most
There are many variables that affect how separation and divorce in a family affect children in the classroom depending on the age and temperament of the child and how long the divorcing process has been going on.
When we agreed to end our marriage, I sat in my therapist's office, crying those big ugly tears one cries when they're surviving solely on chocolate malt milkshakes. I cried to him in exasperation, terrified of the stigma that would forever follow my girls now that they were children of divorce.
Staying in an bad marriage sends a message to your kids that it is okay to accept a life of unhappiness. But it is not okay.
How to do these crucial four things when the overwhelm of emotion and chaos of divorce is occurring? There are many ways
Leslie and Andy were married for seven years, and Andy has primary custody of their 5-year-old son — though Leslie, who admits
I look around her office and wonder how many other couples have sat across this large desk from her, some bitter, some angry
Men Are More Likely To Be Caught Off Guard While we all know that divorce can be one of life's most stressful experiences
The divorce wrecked me. I was trying to put the pieces of myself back together, to be strong for my daughters. I was living, breathing, and practicing with every ounce of my being the art of fake-it-till-you-make-it. Putting on a brave smile during outings at the park, of which I continued to take them on many.
It is important to recognize the stages of loss associated with divorce, so parents can help their children effectively. The five stages of grief and loss can be categorized as follows.
Here's a quick tip about child support I thought I'd share and one I wish I had been advised on when I got divorced. As we all know, hindsight is 20/20. There is so much I should have done differently during my divorce.
Therapists caution against staying together for the kids.
All parents need to be aware that when a child expresses love, admiration or respect for their other parent, it doesn't diminish their love for you. Competition for affection between parents, divorced or otherwise, is a no-win road to alienating your children.
Because of my childhood, my daughter will never have to question whether she is good enough. Because of my childhood, my daughter will never have to feel responsible for repairing an unhappy home. Because of my childhood, my daughter will always hear how strong and smart and capable she is.
For stepmothers, Mother's Day can create hurt feelings when the children they're helping to raise head off to their "real" mother's house without a backward glance.