Divorce and Children

The beauty of divorce is you get to go and learn all the lessons and get to really go out there and find the right person
Now I lay me down to sleep...except for, I am still awake. Awake thinking of the many things I meant to do, but couldn’t
I remember feeling a bit schizophrenic about all of the festivities surrounding the holiday season. There were times when I wanted to get together with loved ones, and times I wanted to be alone, and I never quite knew when the mood for either would strike. Here are a few things I learned.
When he left me in 1998, we had been living together for twenty-three years and married for eighteen of those. In the midst
So many people falsely believe that once they divorce, somehow all their problems will go away. In some cases, the divorce fighting become worse.
If we consider that each divorcing adult may have a set of parents, a sibling or two, a group of good friends, uncles, aunts, grandparents and co-workers, we quickly move from two million adults affected by divorce to thirty million feeling the power of divorce.
Vikki Ziegler is the star of Bravo TV's Untying the Knot, the founder and CEO of DivorceDating, Author of The Pre-Marital
Lately, I’ve had a handful of clients come into my office grappling with the idea of whether or not to divorce. It’s a fraught
Now that you’re divorced, you may be wondering how your role as a parent must change. The truth is it doesn’t need to change
As I try to find the heart of every story, I stretch my memory to the 14 years we had together as "a normal family" before
When it's the Thanksgiving my son is not with me. When he's a controlling parent. When the father wants to be the mother
When kids go back to school at various ages, new demands pile on parents very quickly. New schedules, new homework, new teachers, and new schools are just the beginning.
When it's their turn for parenting time, your former spouse has no problem letting your child spend hours playing Pokémon Go. It's a great incentive to get outside, he or she claims. But you've been reading up about kids and technology addiction and this latest gaming craze seems to fit all the criteria. What happens when you're a divorced parent who just wants to see Pokémon Go, Pokémon gone?
The moment you realize your parent is just a human and fallible as you.
The hardest part about coming to terms with divorce is managing the painful rollercoaster of emotions that typically ensue. It can be so overwhelming, even when it is not a surprise, that a person may lose track with what's important.