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With more than 20 million people, 14 metro lines and hundreds of skyscrapers, Shanghai is the picture of a busy city—even
China has a long tradition of calligraphy, dating back to ancient times. And the best place to learn the art is at Hangzhou's
Want to see the stars in all their glory? Here's where to go. Benagil Sea Cave - Algarve, Portugal Technically, the Benagil
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He looked like a little man, stooped and unthreatening. He even smiled, though his teeth looked like tombstones. My daughter Victoria and I needed a ride back to the hotel after an evening of admiring snakes on a stick at the Beijing night market.
China is a vast country, and as more North Americans turn their sights eastward, we jumped at the chance to shine the spotlight on some less-known (at least to Americans) but exceptional experiences.
For tourists seeking to explore China beyond the Beijing/Shanghai basics, an excellent "starter city" is Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province in the southwest.
A major hub on the Yangtze River, where it intersects with the Han downriver from the Three Gorges Dam, Wuhan is a "triple play" created in the 1920's when what had been the ancient villages of Hankou, Wuchang, and Hanyang joined to form what has grown into one of China's largest cities.
After the plank-walk, you'll reach another stone stairway and finally, a Taoist temple, one of many on the mountain. There
About three quarters through our meal, a woman appeared at my side. There wasn't a beat between my looking up to acknowledge her and her spewing out, "You are a really rude person."
Who would have guessed that Benedict was big in China? 221B Baker Street has been packed with locals ever since it opened in July 2013. The cafe is designed to look like Holmes and Watson's shared flat.
Tiancheng Zheng discusses the obstacles Chinese citizens face while applying for visas and traveling abroad. When Zhang Qian
We don't even want to imagine what else is swimming in there. The Daying Dead Sea resort was positively brimming with people