Christie Brinkley

The model told "The Talk" that she thought her friend's comments were a "mistake."
Sailor Brinkley-Cook stepped in at the last moment to replace her mom while honoring her legacy.
The supermodel responded that she was "totally shocked" by the accusation that she scammed her daughter's way onto the show.
Talk show host Wendy Williams also has a theory about the “freak accident” that caused the model to drop out of “Dancing With the Stars.”
You can't save collagen for later in life, but some doctors think that certain procedures done in your younger years can help boost collagen levels later.
The supermodel also rocked swimsuits for the new issue of Social Life magazine.
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On Friday night, Oliver Stone's new movie, Snowden, premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. Early reviews were embargoed until then. But I can tell you, from the reaction of a tony crowd at a summer screening in East Hampton, let the award season begin with this movie.
"I know it's Independence Day but that does not mean 'free to pee.'"