The musician was apparently replying to photos of Musk with two of his other children.
The Goop founder said she found the role of bonus parent “really hard” at first.
The supermodel gave a very rare glimpse into her blended family life, saying that Hayek went above and beyond for her once when she was sick.
The comedian also spoke about his “solid” co-parenting relationship with one of the six mothers of his children.
It can take serious restraint to hold your tongue, but saying anything negative about a co-parent is a losing prospect for you, them and especially your children.
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Pete Davidson getting a tattoo of Kim Kardashian's kids' names is certainly a ... choice. Co-parenting experts have thoughts on it, and advice for divorced parents dating again.
"Nothing prepared me for my daughter's call one afternoon. 'Ryan thinks Daddy’s dead!' she blurted when I answered."