"Our daughter is growing up seeing two people who care about each other."
"We are not simply ex-husband and ex-wife ― we are parents to Bruce, first."
I'm disappointed that we didn’t give our son the start to life that I so completely believed we could.
Co-parenting can be brutal, but one simple and easy act can minimize some of the stress for your child.
Children often get caught in the line of divorce cross-fire. Secretly they wish it could all go away. Instead, they develop
However, if a child is seen only as a means to a parent's need for approval, attention, or admiration, that child may lose
The term for this arrangement, “co-parenting,” isn’t entirely accurate, because it implies that it’s something his mom and I are doing together, which, at least on a daily basis, we’re not.
Danielle and her ex-boyfriend Brandon are in the midst of a heated custody battle. She claims he does everything he possibly
Drew says there's one quality that's essential when you're co-parenting.