Cocktail Recipes

The comedy group’s short film, called The First Temptation of Christ, depicts Jesus returning home on his 30th birthday and insinuates he is gay.
Choosy moms choose their favorite flavors from Buzz Pop, FrutaPop, Claffey's and more.
Hochstadter, Underwood, Boulevard Brewing Co. and more made the cut. See how your favorites did.
Pain caused by the trade war Trump started with China already is landing hardest on his voters.
Authorities are investigating whether the incident is connected to broken car windows found outside at least three other synagogues.
A piece claiming that the Aperol spritz is "not a good drink" was published on Thursday and the backlash has been, much like the drink it's about, full of zest!
You can’t go wrong with eggnog, but why limit yourself?
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12 ways to add some holiday cheer (i.e. booze) to your cold brew and hot java drinks.
There are hidden costs beyond what’s in your glass.
Mixologists show us how to work some magic with this creamy holiday drink.
If you're stuck on rum and Cokes, you're missing out on this liquor's best qualities.
It's not a common ingredient in the U.S., but it's almost a staple in U.K. cuisine.
You can't go wrong with the classic, but why limit yourself?
Math wrath should never be involved in mixing drinks.
After the holiday season, many participate in “Dry January” and abstain from alcohol for the month. Here are five tips to survive the Drynuary detox.
"Keep your friends close, and your wine glass closer" 🍷