College Sleep Culture

"These conditions have undoubtedly made college difficult for me," Laura said, detailing how the sleepless side effects of her disorders have an impact on her. "The day after not sleeping I'm in a complete fog, and have extreme difficulty focusing on class."
It's time for students to get the rest they need.
The #SleepRevolution College Tour - which reached over 300 college campuses this spring - encouraged students to prioritize
And with emptied out sleep kits and some overheard side-conversations about peoples' plans to use the gear and close their eyes at eleven instead of midnight, the Sleep Revolution at Penn really begins.
Stress is thought to be a college norm. When it is not managed, stress can affect all aspects of your life, especially sleeping habits.
Because of my hypothyroidism, I am more aware of the impacts of bad life choices. And it's more than just the morning after a crazy Friday night. Staying up late doing homework or covering a show leaves me exhausted all day.
The habits we set in college are habits that may follow us for much of our lives. If you are depriving yourself of sleep now, you could suffer from sleep deprivation for years to come. And the long-term effects of sleep deprivation can cost you your mental health.
This April, I brought the Sleep Revolution College Tour to Harvard. The attention that my event received on social media revealed Harvard students' interest in the sleep culture on campus.
Even though college students will inevitably pull an all-nighter doing homework every now and then, extended library access only exacerbates this trend. This could seriously affect students' wellbeing.
Sleep in American society is a complex phenomenon. It is a biological need--Sleep's timing is driven by our innate circadian
Last week, Arianna Huffington told me to sleep my way to the top. Before you get any ideas, let me explain.
Clearly, students are suffering when they are not sleeping well. By improving sleep habits on a daily basis, college students can help to improve their academic performance, memory recall, and concentration.
The NBA All-Star talks about how sleep became central to his daily routine.