The actress called it a way to “further my own knowledge of Jewish and Israeli history,” vowing to speak out “against the insidious and anti-Semitic BDS movement.”
Your selfies are going to be pretty terrestrial by comparison.
The low-frequency rumblings were collected by the InSight lander during its first week of operations at Mars.
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Whatever you choose, do it with joy and revel in pleasure, which incidentally is the best way to magnetize more love your
If minimal age requirements are in place, why don't we have minimal knowledge requirements for people who want to throw their hats in the ring to run for public office?
I think of Challenges as self-directed projects to change my behavior or spark some personal growth or development I'm clear that I'd like to have. Sometimes I want a mindset shift or want to make (or break) a habit, or I just have a sort of big project I want to sprint to finish.
So, there I sat in the taxi, pretty certain and righteous that I was right and America was wrong. Thoughts of Gandhi reminded
Instead of 'how was work?' you could ask: 'what are you thinking about right now?' That way I don't have to go back to work
Question 4: You write about the "New Unconscious." What's this about, and how is it important for the helping professions
Dear readers of mine, we will all continue to wear or carry are good luck objects. They are our comfort, like crossing our
First, there's a qualitative difference between the cast of characters - between humility and arrogance, the expansive and
At zero-dark-thirty this past Thursday morning, outside my hotel on Manhattan's upper west side, I stepped into a yellow
To accomplish all of this you need to perform the inside your head introspection that allows you to first be comfortable
There is nothing in the world that is more important to me other than being here for others, and for them to know it! By
Webinar over, I began packing up my stuff, but the process of packing seemed to be taking a very long time. Flashing on my
Place your bets. Me? I'm an optimist. It's a function I've written about, with respect and admiration, as the head of the
The mind adopts these identities in an effort to realize our very own existence. It tries to familiarize ourselves with our