Money and Kids

For high schoolers and college students, this can be a great idea.
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“Sure kids cost roughly $14,000 annually, but think about all the money you save from no longer having a social life.”
Drivers who are company employees may be in for a rude surprise this tax season.
It's not all up to Mom and Dad.
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Even parents at the lower tiers of the wealthy are (almost) as desperate as Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin to get their kids into elite schools.
Can you predict what you spend in a week?
The Treasury secretary did not say if he would comply with a Democratic request for the president's tax returns.
How does reality stack up to spending predictions?
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Things might not be as bad as they look.
College students are reacting to “Operation Varsity Blues,” an FBI investigation of an elite college admissions scandal.
Résumés are less who you were, more who you want to be. The education you list should reflect that.
Are you creating a future opportunity or a future problem?
The “Shameless” actor’s wife, Felicity Huffman, has been charged by the FBI in a college admissions scam.
The scheme involves a slew of wealthy parents, from Hollywood actresses to Wall Street and Silicon Valley executives.
My degree is hardly a topic of any conversation and certainly not a point of pride.
The former Trump campaign chairman was sentenced to less than four years in prison for eight counts of bank and tax fraud.