So why the constant need to morph things all the time? I get the cronut thing, it was a gimmick, and people love a gimmick
Can we officially ban any and all usage of "nom?"
It explains why people wait so long for just two Cronuts.
Apparently, if you're still craving Cronuts and tweeting about it, you're part of the 1 percent of netizens that still care.
It's not that I dislike the taste or have any moral objection to eating fat; it's just that pork belly doesn't deserve to be its own trend. It's bacon, for crying out loud. It's what we put on everything to make everything taste better. Has bacon ever not been a food trend?
We're witnessing the pinnacle of food hype, right here.
We know there's no substitute for the real thing—but these DIY versions come really, really close (and you can eat them in
3. Does she miss working on "30 Rock"? No way. "I want to go to an office where I make coffee, work for 40 minutes thinking
Are you the life of the party or rough around the edges?
I am joining in the fun, naming the 10 most overrated things of 2013. Not necessarily bad (though some of them can be awful) not stupid -- just overrated.
SOHO — This Cronut lover didn't want to wait his turn. A man cut in line at the pastry's creator Dominique Ansel Bakery at
Who would have thought a Canadian politician, what a fox might say, and a croissant-donut hybrid would occupy our cultural
From kale to cronuts, the biggest food crazes of 2013.