The actor also tried his hand at the accordion to convincingly portray the singer.
Twitter users exercised their right to mock the Georgia Republican after she posted a video of herself doing a CrossFit-style workout.
The workout brand founder had already apologized for an insensitive joke about George Floyd's death, which caused Reebok to end its sponsorship.
Reebok is ending its relationship with the fitness group after CEO Greg Glassman mocked Black Lives Matter and the coronavirus pandemic.
Ousted chief knowledge officer Russell Berger said he confused "me making statements of personal opinion, and me speaking as a voice for CrossFit."
Being labeled a “mom” in an environment that has nothing to do with kids sets my teeth on edge.
It took me a really long time to believe that my body was just as strong and just as valuable as omnipresent hardbodies.
And the most insane baked potato
Finding inner peace in the age of Trump.