Crystal Renn

I've stood just a smidge over five feet since the seventh grade. And I've felt icky, simply being in the vicinity of tall, slim women for just as long.
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Like many young women in the fashion industry, it took Crystal Renn a long time to determine her body identity. As her modeling
We much prefer Crystal Renn like this: PHOTOS: ... but after seeing the recent Agent Provocateur photos, we're still not
Womenswear Designer of the Year
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PHOTOS: The dress itself lent enough high drama, but the hair, makeup and those brows took it over the top. Do you like this
PHOTOS: See just some of Crystal's modeling work: We were as shocked as anyone when we saw Crystal Renn, she of the piercing
See more of Crystal Renn's modeling work! When most ladies go blonde (via wig or highlights), they usually still look like
Renn, who made her name as a plus-size model but recently talked about how losing weight affected her career, took a sunny
While celebrating larger models such as Adele can help diversify our conception of beauty, weights and figure shapes shouldn't be fads.
Not that we've got a problem with that. Excited as we were for Crystal's Sports Illustrated debut, we much prefer our favorite
Watch below, and click over to ET to read more about Crystal's thoughts on body image. Renn further says she's been at every
"It hurts when you're having a tough day and someone says, 'She's so f**king ugly I wouldn't let my dog near her.' " Nobody
Whatever she's doing now, we think Renn looks pretty excellent. Check out the pics of this glowing model below. But the model
It's generally a bad idea to physically mimic a race or ethnicity that is not your own. WATCH: But Anna Dello Russo is not