Curly Hair

"Look at this queen rocking those curls!" wrote one person on social media about the former first lady's hairstyle.
It’s the year of curly bangs.
Hello my name is Lori, and up until recently, my entire life, I’ve been washing my hair wrong. All wrong. Completely 100
Many feel long-term transitioning is harder as you are working with two textures, well actually, three when you factor in
Going natural is something new and that can be quite scary. Yes, many of us were natural as little girls but we weren't caring
As a curly top with a long mane, I am stopped every day with the praise “Wow, I love your hair.” As a kid I hated my knotty
Now, I can finally say I know my hair. What products it likes and how to manipulate it into various hairstyles. Natural hair
Natural hair is not meant to lay straight and flat like European hair. Our texture is unique, because it has a mind of its own.
"Ignore the prejudice and hatred."
Today my family loves my natural curls and they often advise others to do the same with their damaged hair. My own hair journey has led them to change their views and their definition of beauty.
It's a love story between Swift and this overalls dress.
My natural hair journey has taught me that my beauty is not defined by my hair texture. I am beautiful because I have the courage to celebrate and embrace my authentic self.
When I was pregnant with our second child I wanted a little girl so badly that I felt guilty. Our first born was a son and I longed for a baby girl I could put ribbons and lace on. I dreamed about what she would look like. In my dreams she had big blue eyes and black, curly hair.
I blossomed when my hair was growing and full. To me, healthy means beautiful, -- whether it's healthy skin, healthy teeth or healthy hair -- it all equates to being beautiful. Healthy hair is beautiful.