Dallas/Fort Worth

One of two cars that caused a six-car collision in Dallas on Saturday is reportedly linked to Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice.
Asia Womack's mother called Cameron Hogg's plea deal "a slap in the face" after he was sentenced to 20 years for shooting her daughter in Dallas in 2022.
The child's mother was planning a funeral for her 14-year-old son when her daughter was shot after a gun was left unattended on a PlayStation game console.
The Fort Worth Fire Department said there was a gas leak linked to the incident, but officials were unclear if it caused the explosion.
Juvenal Antero's wife said her husband was excited to see sonogram images and hear his child's heartbeat.
Police said Byron Carrillo, 21, the boy's father, cut an ankle monitor off around the time of the shootings. A teen in the home was wounded and another was unhurt.
The unidentified teen has been sentenced to 12 years incarceration for the crime, which happened in May.
Temperatures in the area reached 110 degrees Fahrenheit, breaking the previous record for the date by four degrees.
The bodies of three women have been found in the same area since April, and police are investigating whether the homicides are linked.