Dallas/Fort Worth

The Biden administration is rushing to open facilities to house minors apprehended at the border.
“You could hear clients screaming ‘The ceiling just caved in,’” said the executive director of the Family Place.
Power is slowly being restored to the Lone Star state, but millions of Texans are still days away from having safe drinking water.
At least 65 people were treated at hospitals, including three with critical injuries.
First responders described the early morning crash in Texas as a “mass casualty incident.”
The 28-year-old performer, whose real name was Melvin Noble, was driving north on interstate 35 in south Dallas.
Days before the election, the president tweeted that his supporters "did nothing wrong" when they nearly drove a Biden campaign bus off a Texas highway.
Local officials were only recently informed of her cause of death, with a Dallas County judge noting, "There is no age restriction in COVID."
Evangelical churches with ties to President Donald Trump have received at least $17.3 million in federal pandemic loans, according to The Washington Post. Evangelical voters will be a crucial voting bloc for Trump in 2020.
The choir performed indoors — even though health experts have warned that COVID-19's spread can be augmented by singing.