Dallas/Fort Worth

Police are continuing their search for the suspects who made off with Chipper, a 10-week-old Dogue de Bordeaux.
Should cities invest in neighborhoods with the greatest need, or those likely to prosper?
"I don’t think we should jump to conclusions," the Republican senator said. The officer has been charged in the fatal shooting of her neighbor.
Botham Jean’s family attorneys say police are trying to attack Jean’s character.
Off-duty officer Amber Guyger has been charged with manslaughter in the killing of the 26-year-old man in his own apartment.
Police say Amber Guyger shot 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean after mistaking his Dallas apartment for her own.
Authorities are seeking charges against the Dallas officer in the fatal shooting of Botham Shem Jean.
Officer Rogelio Santander, 27, died the day after the shooting.
The woman filed a criminal complaint last week, claiming Kelly caused "serious bodily injury" during a relationship that began when she was 19.
Capping a highway to create a park also can reconnect urban neighborhoods sliced apart by the expressway building boom of the 1960s and ’70s.
The hood’s beady eye-holes naturally pulled me in. I’d never experienced this kind of confrontation before.
The gun group is set to hold its annual convention in Dallas later this year.
Gracie Gold, Vincent Zhou, Chris Knierim and Jeffrey Buttle all waded in.
The federal lawsuit is the latest challenge to money bail systems that often jail poor defendants for days or weeks before trial.
The places still in the running include 17 U.S. cities, one Canadian city and two other U.S. locations.
More than 600 people answered a call for local men to attend a “Breakfast with Dads,” an event to bring middle schoolers and “father figures” together for a meal.
Nigel Garrett admitted to a string of home invasions near Dallas. Three accomplices await sentencing.
Remembering Equifax, Uber and all the other data breaches of the last year.