Dallas/Fort Worth

Jeremy Smith, 37, accused of shooting three women in Dallas, also has been charged with aggravated assault.
And those who call him a racist, antisemitic strongman are "simply idiots," the prime minister said.
Police say the 37-year-old fired several gunshots at the ceiling of Dallas' Love Field Airport.
Family blasts Dallas police who they say didn't bother to launch a search. The teen was found by Oklahoma City Police 200 miles away.
“We’re very nervous. We’re very tired,” the woman said, per The Dallas Morning News. “This happened to us for no reason.”
Ruth Salton, a nearly 100-year-old Holocaust survivor, showed up to support her community.
The page is from a 1984 comic that brings the first appearance of Spidey’s black suit.
Hundreds of conspiracy theorists gathered in Dallas expecting the late JFK Jr. to appear.
The late-night host rolls footage as the right-wing group's latest obsession falls apart in real time.
A photo of a sign from a Dallas dive bar went viral for saying Carey's version of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” will be skipped on its jukebox until Dec. 1.