Debbie Ford

We were gathered for a monthly Bible study at the mountain retreat center. I sat looking out the full-length windows at the hardwoods filling the hills. My mind drifted away from the lesson as I daydreamed about a weekend kayaking trip on the river running below.
Throughout my life, my wise father used to say that "They put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you do," so that I wouldn't be intimidated by anyone. Little did he know what he was preparing me for.
Every choice we make leads us closer to, or further away, from being the person we desire to be. The more conscious we are in the choices we make, the clearer we are on who we are. That's how powerful our freedom to choose is.
The truth is, no matter how thick the skin, words are able to penetrate and do their dirty work. It is when we believe them, that they are the most insidious.
"What was your lowest moment?" Oprah asked. Ford finally came to terms with her diagnosis and began to understand that she
"The courage I'm talking about is this divine inner strength that everyone is born with, a strength to be your most authentic self and to take powerful actions consistent with your loving, compassionate heart."
Debbie: I define God as an energy, a spiritual energy. It has no denomination. It has no judgments. It has an energy that
Eckhart Tolle: The soul is your innermost being. The presence that you are beyond form. The consciousness that you are beyond
Fingers crossed, we should all still be around after the Mayan Calendar fades to black on Dec. 21. Still, it wouldn't hurt to have a few good books nearby -- you know, just in case.
Feeling ashamed of my vanity left me hating myself when indeed there was never a time I needed more of my love and acceptance. I realize now that I was so ashamed that I never mentioned it to Oprah or to the producers that so lovingly wanted to talk about a very difficult subject.
Fear and will are a magnificent duo through which anyone can land on solid ground when it comes to breaking down that which appears to be larger than life.
His mom isn't the only one calling Frankie a hero: He received a plaque from the local 911 unit and a blue BMX mongoose bike
The key to achieving that timeless, focused state is making your writing time sacred. To help you re-immerse yourself in your own writing, here are some of the helpful tips from bestselling authors and top editors.
What made this event different from others is not only the gathering of these great names and teachers, but that, in fact
The gulf oil spill, the economic meltdown, combative political views in our 24/7 world...we're on a collision course of our
The room quickly brims with "I am stupid," "I am lazy," "I am selfish" in tight, controlled voices. Ford interrupts and instructs
Each time a woman shares her truth about her insecurities, questions, doubts, addictions, abuse as well as her feelings of power, it heals another woman.
Real change happens when you feel genuinely inspired and unwilling to settle for anything less. It happens when you commit with all of yourself to a new way of life, to a new future. So how do you do this?