Emma Heming Willis responded to suggestions she's using her husband's dementia diagnosis to promote herself.
Emma Heming Willis offered a PSA to paparazzi in the wake of her family announcing his frontotemporal dementia diagnosis.
Willis' family said the “Die Hard” actor's previous condition has progressed.
"I don’t talk much about this ... Nobody knows what to say in response to my stories. Friends tell me I’m strong, that I’m handling it well. I am not."
Over the years scientists have given us a million reasons to snooze. Lack of sleep has been linked to depression, anxiety, weight gain, and most recently --Alzheimers.
This Video Game Is Helping Researchers Fight Dementia
The woman was one of three people who were rushed to the hospital after consuming the liquid.
This is the heartwarming moment Betty Meredith, 91, surprises her husband Kenneth, 96, in his care home after being more than a month apart due to the pandemic.
Basic activities (some of which you're probably already doing) can cut your risk of dementia by up to 35%.
"Why is our goal to live as long as possible? My father can’t go to the bathroom by himself. He can’t shower by himself. He doesn’t know where he is or why."