Diane Kruger

This will be the actress’s first child and the actor’s second.
In a 2009 interview, the star said Tarantino stepped in for an actor and strangled her while filming a scene for "Inglourious Basterds."
Black dresses and tuxedos will be available for bidding starting Jan. 19.
Rendez-Vous with French Cinema, a popular film series at Lincoln Center, was particularly robust this year. Following upon
Let's not forget, the women walking the red carpet are usually there because of their hard work as actresses, musicians, screenwriters
Rita Ora in Zuhair Murad Couture Rashida Jones in Andrew Gn Check out our favorite celebrity looks of the week and let us
Looking youthful doesn't have to mean layering on the makeup. In fact, Diane Kruger says she looks decades younger in a fresh
We can all agree that when it comes to the best and worst beauty looks of 2014, celebrities definitely took more risks. Whether
Welp, someone has to rip off the bandaid, and to be perfectly honest, we wouldn't mind if Kruger gave our closets a good
During the game, Kruger said she wasn't a good loser, and she definitely proved it. After dropping the first round, the German
While there are many different ways to describe Diane Kruger (former Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and Dior model, one half
The 36-year-old singer and former "X Factor" judge looks effortlessly chic with a messy side braid and side-swept waves. BEST
By the by, one of the best things about Season 2 is that Matthew Lillard and Emily Rios are now series regulars. Their mismatched
Well, it appears as though Kruger has come out on top winning. As the saying goes, you always want what you don't have. And
Ordinarily, I am a lover of clarity, but for the two plus hours I watched Mr. Nobody, I was fully taken by its hypnotic surrealism and provocative paradoxes.
With recent announcements by Hyundai and Toyota to offer hydrogen-powered vehicles to the public, it may not be long until
HuffPost Style Associate Fashion Editor Michelle Persad joins Caitlyn Becker to discuss this week's worst dressed celebs!
HuffPost Style Associate Fashion Editor Michelle Persad joins Caitlyn Becker to discuss this week's best dressed celebs!