Diane Von Furstenberg

Black dresses and tuxedos will be available for bidding starting Jan. 19.
"So many members of this colorful community are immigrants themselves.”
Dress: Rue 107 Basic black may be the official uniform of NYC. But wearing the same old dreary dark colors in winter can
"We aim to start a global movement within the fashion industry."
Fashion is a 1.2 trillion dollar industry around the world. In building our SELF MADE community, we highlight the women who
New York City's acknowledged position as the mecca for arts and entertainment in America means that aspiring artists and performers flock here in untold numbers, willing to sacrifice everything for the opportunity to present their work at the highest levels in their fields.
“The bed is a place to dream, to reflect, to build an imagined future, to remember."
From: Verveer, Melanne S Date: 2009-09-19 08:22 She asked Clinton in the message if she would accept an award for women who