Diet and Nutrition

Beware of health halos and remember that Halloween only comes around once a year.
Pumpkin, cauliflower, apples, butternut squash ... they're more than just delicious.
And is there a best time of day to feed it to them? Experts explain how to set your children up for success.
Too much or too little of any one macronutrient can make it difficult for your child to maintain focus and stay energized.
Experts share what to look for, what to stir in and which brands are more likely to keep you full until lunch.
Get things moving in the morning with high-fiber options that promote plenty of pooping.
Nutritionists share ingredients you'll want to add to your child's lunchbox (and the ones that'll only set them up for a crash).
Pay close attention to the labels, seals, bottle shapes and even the wax-and-cork closures.
If they’re demanding nothing but “Box O’ Sugar Bombs,” here are some options.
Deep orange yolks contain more nutrients, but they come at a higher price tag.