Diet and Nutrition

Tips and tricks to make meals at home more nutritious during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Whether it’s hot water with lemon, tea or Bulletproof coffee, find out what’s worth a sip and what you should pour down the drain.
It's low in calories, high in protein and healthy for the environment, too. Here's how to cook it.
The ingredients to eat (and those to avoid) when you're trying to get a handle on stress.
"If The Rock made an announcement that he ate a salad once a day, do you know how many men would start eating salads?"
Consumers believe natural flavors are healthier than artificial ones. Experts say they're not that different.
We all know grass-fed is better for the planet and the animals. But here's how it can be better for our health, too.
When you're looking for nutritious eggs, how they're produced is more important than where they're produced.
Diet culture creates a toxic relationship with food and exercise. This advice can help you break free from it all.
Meat shortages due to COVID-19 are causing people to turn to plant-based proteins like tofu, Impossible Burgers, beans and quinoa.