Diet and Nutrition

The answer is complicated, but a lot depends on who you are. Experts share how to figure out what's best.
Not only does it taste better, but there are nutritional advantages, too.
A strategic approach to meal prep can help with hormones, gut health, stress and even sleep.
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Nutritionists weigh in on how much fiber we need in a day, symptoms to look out for and what to do about it.
Meat, dairy, almond milk... how much of a difference can we make if we cut back on ingredients that aren't eco-friendly?
Well-intentioned compliments about weight changes can have a dangerous effect. Here's how.
Energy drinks and steaks made one of the lists, but it may surprise you to know which one.
Eat and drink these foods and beverages, and you'll give your immune system the best chance to respond well and recover quickly.