It’s a classic that could probably use a remix in your repertoire.
"Dinner is a great time for my family to come together to tell each other exactly what is wrong with the meal I made."
For relaxed Sundays, meatless Mondays and all the days in between, these unexpected meals combine delicious ingredients all in one dish, so you can spoon them straight onto hungry eaters' plates.
Put the ingredients in the pot, walk away and return when you're ready to eat.
You'll be sitting down to eat before you know it.
Reciting these gratitude prayers and mealtime blessings (ideally around a table while surrounded by your nearest and dearest) can help you recognize the beauty in your life.
Ensure a happy holiday with these pointers on everything from décor to the feast itself.
These delicious dishes from Leigh Anne Wilkes' new Holiday Slow Cooker make hosting a breeze.
Other people's meals aren't as fancy as you might think.
If you would have told me all of these things would have come out of my mouth EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. once I became a mom, I