Disney caught heat last week for donating to backers of Florida's "Don't Say Gay" bill. LGBTQ fans of the company and its parks say it's just the latest disappointment.
Unvaccinated visitors at both the California and Florida resorts will be expected to wear masks, though officials say they will not be checking vaccination records.
The company is planning to remove references to the controversial 1946 movie "Song of the South" from the beloved log flume ride.
The California theme park updated a 1955 attraction, but one review created a new furor in right-wing media.
Sleeping Beauty Castle was "reawakened" as the resort sets to reopen after more than 400 days of closure due to the coronavirus.
State residents will be allowed to visit California's theme parks and outdoor sports and concert venues starting April 1.
The TV titan's story about an all-inclusive pass to the theme park resonated with a lot of people on Twitter.
The company announced widespread layoffs at Disney World and Disneyland, citing the coronavirus pandemic's disastrous economic impact.
The mural was painted by Nikkolas Smith, a former Disney imagineer.
The characters from the controversial 1946 film will be replaced with those from the 2009 movie "The Princess And The Frog."