Court documents said the marriage to the Republican congresswoman was "irretrievably broken.”
"Can you fall in love in an instant? Maybe, but I think this feeling had been building for a long time without me realizing it. Can you change in an instant? Absolutely and hell yes."
The "Flight Attendant" star said she was dealing with so much stress, she "could barely walk."
The former celebrity couple broke up in 2005 while the "Wild Things" actor was pregnant with their second child.
Hall, 66, and Murdoch, 91, married in London in 2016.
The model's account liked tweets that alluded to husband Sebastian Bear-McClard cheating.
While the two actors have been legally separated for years, their divorce has yet to be finalized — making ownership over the lucrative Château Miraval winery all the more complicated.
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Keith Papini said that he “learned the truth” following his wife's plea agreement and that she was still lying to their kids as recently as last month.