DIY Beauty and Skin Care

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When it comes to fun DIY crafts we got you covered. That's why we're bringing you this super fun and easy way to make lip
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Upcycling isn't a new concept, but it offers so many new ideas. And whether the middle of winter has you feeling like a wet blanket, or you're looking for a refresh, giving some pieces of seasons old a little nip-tuck always does the trick.
Mason jars are absolutely adorable and totally useful! Since I'm quite obsessed, I find ways to incorporate them on The Chic
An easy, affordable way to hydrate your skin without blowing (what's left of) your budget.
The sheer vibrancy of this liquid gold is almost enough to make a believer of anyone doubting the powers of this DIY face
(Photos: William Reavell) If you want something done right, sometimes you have to do it yourself. 1. Beauty Balm For all