DIY Gifts

Easy, gorgeous and from the heart.
-- READ MORE ABOUT GRILLING AT BARBECUEBIBLE.COM Sriracha Beef Jerky: The heat-seekers on your gift list will be looking
Just imagine the look on mom's face when you hand her homemade, beautifully wrapped treats. From Chocolate-Dipped Coconut Macaroons to Mexican Wedding Cookies, all of these delicious declarations of love are easy enough for even dads and kids to make.
Some of the best presents I get from my children for Mother's Day are homemade. It makes me so happy to see the time and
Here I go again. Talking about Easter Baskets. Can you tell I'm excited about making mine this year?!
See full post here. See full post here. 10. Turn your coffee filters into colorful, textured wall decor Project via Craft
Remember being a kid and dreaming of adding a slide to your bunk bed or making a princess-worthy canopy? No one can appreciate fun bedroom features like a child, and these ones are some of the best out there.
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See the full post here. See the full post here. 22. Use artificial flowers for a romantic accent Project via FrugElegance
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See the full project here. See the full project here. 6. Hang a banner above the mantel Project via Prodigal Pieces 62. Use
The DIY community over at the This Old House microsite,, is buzzing about gift ideas. If you've got loved ones who still have you stumped, consider one of these thoughtful (and easy-to-make!) presents.