Some experts panicked about Krispy Kreme’s promotion for COVID-19 vaccines. But that panic isn’t really about health at all.
Officers for the Fort Myers Police Department said the doughnuts as well as some blueberry pie-scented spray in a trap did the trick.
Donuts Delite created a sweet treat with the infectious disease expert’s face on them.
The Lexington Police Department posted images of sad officers in front of a scorched Krispy Kreme truck, leading other departments to respond on Twitter.
Learn how to make this fluffy doughnut filled with bright fruit jelly and showered in powdered sugar.
In Seal Beach, California, they're buying by the dozen to make sure Donut City's John Chhan sells out as early as possible to see his wife, Stella.
“She’s Asian, she can’t see ― that’s why she can’t drive,” the driver allegedly also said.
This is either great news or it's terribly upsetting, depending on your preferences.
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