Dr Oz

Here's some of what the heart surgeon-turned-politician has tried to peddle from his daytime TV perch.
Stations in Philadelphia, New York City and Cleveland have pulled the show to avoid “equal time” rules that give rival candidates the ability to request matching air time.
Celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz is throwing his hat in the race for Senate in Pennsylvania.
Home is where the heart is — or where you can rent your in-laws' place.
Mehmet Oz, known for his TV program "The Dr. Oz Show," announced his first political run on Tuesday.
Dr. Mehmet Oz said the thousands of lives that could be lost by reopening schools are a “trade-off,” one that’s possibly worth the benefit to communities.
If you thought there was something a bit fishy about Trump’s glowing health report during the election - then you were right. The doctor who wrote it now alleges that the president dictated it to him.
• Pill popping is an issue: a huge number (50%) reported using a mix of 2 or more sleep aids, such as prescription medications