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If you thought there was something a bit fishy about Trump’s glowing health report during the election - then you were right. The doctor who wrote it now alleges that the president dictated it to him.
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• 79% of Americans sleep less than 7 hours per night: Most Americans sleep one hour less. To put this in context, a recent
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What do these CACS mean for politics and health? First, a CACS is derived from a rapid CT scan of the heart done without
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The media got played by Donald Trump this morning, once again. Picture Charlie Brown lying flat on his back, wondering why he keeps falling for the old kick-the-football bit.
Donald J. Trump released his long-awaited medical records (if we can call them that) this week on the 'Dr. Oz Show'. In true showmanship manner, he got precisely what he wanted: intense media hype, suspense, high ratings and most importantly - control of the narrative.
Trump’s golf swing and hand motions have kept him in great shape over the years.
Trump’s golf swing and hand motions have kept him in great shape over the years.
Trump's agenda for being on your show is obvious. He's failing among suburban women. And minorities. And we both know who some of your biggest supporters are. (And I've been to a show taping, so I can attest!).
Last year, a group of doctors suggested Columbia should fire him.
It may be that, just as the Romans poisoned their minds with their lead-tainted drinking water, we may have all collectively poisoned or own minds