As female incarceration skyrockets, knowing what happens to pregnant women behind bars is more critical than ever.
“I just want to feel like myself again,” the singer wrote.
The "Dukes of Hazzard" actress has had a difficult pregnancy, but delivered the perfect pun to sum it up.
The judge's ruling came hours after the controversial bill was signed into law by Republican Gov. Matt Bevin.
The Duchess of Sussex also declared that she doesn't even look at Twitter.
The bill would outlaw abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, typically about six weeks into a pregnancy.
State Rep. Jose Oliva argued he was attempting "to use terminology found in medical ethics writings" to keep "the discussion dispassionate."
In 2017, 900 newborns with syphilis were reported in 37 states — the most in 20 years.
The measure seemed doomed from the start but offered the GOP a chance to appeal to conservative voters.
The move would impede the ability of providers like Planned Parenthood to offer health care for women.
A wave of patients have stepped forward to share details of their own late abortion, hoping to give a human face to what they describe as personal anguish.
Lori Farrell's viral Facebook post is so relatable.
The "Dukes of Hazzard" star is a potty boss in funny photo.
When a pregnant woman's hormones shift, dopamine levels can drop. Here's what happens next.
Most people look at a child’s adoption as a beautiful thing, but rarely see the birth parents in a positive light.
The law will protect the landmark decision in the event that it is overturned by the Supreme Court.
It's time to face the very real possibility that the Supreme Court could make it nearly impossible to get an abortion.