Drug Abuse

The rapper was discovered unconscious in his home in September.
There have been no fatalities, but authorities consider the incident part of a public health crisis.
With the legal fate of kratom hanging in the balance, some health officials are pushing dubious claims about the herbal supplement's deadly risks.
The hashtag #HowDemiHasHelpedMe has taken off on Twitter since the singer's hospitalization for a reported drug overdose.
The singer is being treated and is now "stable," an unnamed source told People.
Drug overdose deaths declined in 14 states during the 12 months ending July 2017, according to new provisional death certificate data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Like any other chronic illness, addiction is a disease of remission and relapse.
The cases include a suicide and a drug overdose victim who tested positive for nine different substances.
One Democratic candidate in opioid-ravaged Ohio clocked Trump's remarks and said it's clear the president "has no plan."
Chronic pain patients simply cannot afford to be left out of the conversation. Their needs must be a part of the solution.
26 squirrel monkeys will be headed to a sanctuary.
Setting the record straight on pelvic physical therapy for the sake of women's health.
Despite doctors’ warnings that this policy is dangerous for all involved.
Alcohol and drug abuse among older adults is one of the fastest growing health problems facing the country.
The family hopes releasing the cause of death deepens a national conversation about the opioid crisis.
The first state waiver is likely to be from Kentucky -- a state that has benefited enormously from Medicaid coverage for people facing opioid addiction
Milo Ventimiglia shares insight into the characters' personal struggles and Jack's impending death.
Even in progressive films, realistic representation of people in recovery Is missing.
The tobacco company is pushing e-cigarettes instead, in what anti-smoking advocates are calling a "P.R. stunt."