The Lego box was shrink-wrapped to look like it came from the factory but contained 3.2 pounds of meth instead of toy bricks.
The "Arrow" star said a failed marriage and the death of his mother fueled a downward spiral.
The "Weekend Update" co-anchor also confesses he's tired of making jokes about Donald Trump.
Writer Don Winslow wants to go face-to-face with Trump to show the president's "narrative" about the border is a "lie."
The New York congresswoman suggests "affirmative-action licensing" to mitigate the "racial wealth gap" in areas that paid the price of the war on drugs.
"It is far too risky and expensive for any of the cartels to move high-volume drugs through those desolate, really unwalled areas," said the DEA's former No. 2.
The opioid crisis costs America at least $78 billion a year.
Americans are more likely to accidentally overdose than die in a motor vehicle accident or a fall, according to a new report.
Jake, a Florida K-9, had to be given Narcan after having a severe reaction to drugs he found on a passenger.
When a disillusioned young advocate didn’t think public health officials were taking drug overdose deaths seriously, he vowed to step in.
Hemp was only illegal because of xenophobia and racism in the 1900s.
Parts of the experience were more intense, overwhelming and confusing than I could possibly put into words.
A black high schooler was sentenced to 10 years in prison over the incident that has recirculated after the president's death.
"It was like an alien had literally invaded my body," the actress said in Paper Magazine’s “Break the Internet” issue.
The GOP is trying to put yet another roadblock between between poor people and the help they need.
Patrick Braxton-Andrew, who taught high school Spanish, vanished during a walk in Chihuahua late last month.
Legal marijuana markets, psychedelic therapies and drugs and the Me Too movement are just a few of the topics covered in this year's Global Drug Survey.
The Brooklyn federal court has taken steps to protect witnesses' identities. Some worked directly for Guzman's Sinaloa cartel.
The rapper was discovered unconscious in his home in September.