The far-right congresswoman falsely equated migrants with drug traffickers during a rant about cartels.
The coroner's office said the 25-year-old actor died of acute intoxication after an accidental drug overdose.
The feds charged the president’s son under a rarely used statute that the Supreme Court may overturn.
“Taking drugs is one thing, but does it start taking you?” he wondered to Apple Music's Zane Lowe.
The actor reflected on his perilous journey while traversing the canyons of Wyoming with famed adventurer Bear Grylls.
The former president’s been pushing the idea that the current one is a big fan of blow — but the resulting silence of congressional Republicans may just be another sign of Trump exhaustion.
“I was so f**ked up during a lot of that show,” said Dominic Fike, who plays a substance-abusing teenager in the series. “It was really bad.”
A lawsuit that PhRMA filed Wednesday is the latest fusillade against one of the president’s biggest domestic achievements.
The former president says he wants to give drug traffickers the death penalty if he’s reelected in 2024. But he got rattled when reminded that he’s famously pardoned convicted dealers before.