El Paso

A President Trump supporter attacked a cameraman at the president’s rally in El Paso, Texas.
Cities like El Paso and states like California are resisting President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico.
President Obama, help unify our community through designating Castner Range as a national monument.
On taxes, Glenn told Warner he supports something like a flat tax. Glenn told Warner he does not believe that suspected terrorists
However, politicians that are far removed from the realities of the border, talk about erecting a big great wall that would
The American and Mexican communities that live at the border are united by common geography, history, language, and aspirations, and have much to teach the rest of the country about how to build harmonious bicultural communities.
When the El Paso Chihuahuas took the field against the San Diego Padres last week, it was a significant event on many levels -- only some of which will be on display on the field.
EL PASO, Texas and CIUDAD JUÁREZ, Mexico - When Pope Francis visits Ciudad Juárez on Wednesday, city officials hope that
Juarez, Mexico use to be pretty raunchy. When we began going at 17 or 18 years old, the main strip (Juarez Avenue) was made up of bar after bar; it was a 3 lane, one-way street lined on both sides with flashing neon signs and rhythmic beating from speakers pointed out to the street.