Emotional Wellness

Experts share how anxiety may manifest in children in this time of transition.
"I detect even the smallest shifts in my ecosystem — both physical and emotional."
When my son’s emotions fall outside the traditional male stereotype, he’s often met with confusion, gawking stares and occasionally even scolding,
There's a captive virtual audience, and your crying face is on display.
Spend at least five minutes a day, every single day, hanging out with them and doing whatever they want.
These stories help kids understand and express feelings like anger and sadness.
Yes, you want your kids to succeed. But you also want them to be grounded, emotionally intelligent humans.
The actor said he’s “quite famously a not-crier,” but finds himself more emotionally expressive in this stage of life.
The good news? Researchers say that you can work at cultivating these traits.
Experts weigh in on what you should really be doing.