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Raising good kids in this world is hard work. We’ll help you figure out how to handle the tough moments of raising children while also enjoying these short years when the kids are little. From helping your children choose good friends to setting up your week for success, we’ll provide the daily stories and advice that modern parents need to flourish, not just survive.

"1st kid: Has 21 pictures of baby blinking. 2nd kid: Has one blurry picture of graduation day."
Want to have meaningful conversations with your child? Here are better questions to ask that may get them talking.
Let's stop praising moms for putting everyone else's needs before their own.
Should you try to break up the friendship or just let it be? Parenting experts share their thoughts.
Model this simple yet powerful language during your child's formative years. Your kid is listening.
Childhood development is full of important moments beyond the first step and first word.
These effective, expert-backed tips will help you feel more connected to your children.
Traveling with little ones can be stressful. Parents share their tips to make it less hectic and more enjoyable.
"What do you think dogs would say to you if they could talk?" My 6-year-old: "Give me bacon. It’s not bad for me, it helps me grow muscles. Bacon is like vitamins for dogs."
Take it from Glennon Doyle: The last thing you do with your kids at night is so important.
Parents share the family-friendly films they genuinely like to watch with their children.
"1st kid: Has 21 pictures of baby blinking. 2nd kid: Has one blurry picture of graduation day."
These easy-to-remember sentences and questions can make a huge difference day to day.
For many, the motherhood experience lies somewhere between the blissful and joyless extremes you often see on the internet.
"In hell, the lady in front of you in the school pick up line's kid never finishes getting his seat belt on."
Here are some helpful tips to make parenting easier and more enjoyable.
Find out why you should serve spinach before applesauce, why you should never buy baby cereal, and other insights from infant feeding pros.
There's a middle ground between preparing healthy meals and grabbing Happy Meals every night.
Whether you're cooking for your children, your parents, your significant other or your pet, family meals are more important than ever.
A comprehensive guide to cooking tasks that best suit children at different phases of development, starting at age 2 and going up to age 17.
Don't have time to make perfect dinners? Those aren't the ones your family will remember anyway, so forget about it.