Entertaining Ideas

The holidays are here, which means hosting a dinner party may be on your calendar. Naturally, the dining table will be the center of attention, so you'll want to make sure it makes a great impression on your guests. Creating a beautiful tablescape is the perfect way to dress up your dining table when company comes calling.
Food stylist and cookbook author Susan Spungen knows a thing or two about entertaining.
The idea of gathering family and friends to share a Sunday meal has seemingly fallen out of favor on the whole. Even if you're not the self-proclaimed matriarch of a lovingly dysfunctional family, these dinners need to make a comeback. It doesn't have to be elaborate, limited to family or even that formal. Whether you're entertaining two or twenty with cocktails, potluck or an all-out meal, here's the argument for bringing back this tradition.
What they will notice: - If you're a stressed out mess - If there isn't enough food - If their glass isn't full Have something
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2. Not Giving A Clear Time Frame. Will your guests have to block off their entire Saturday for your party? Or do you just
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We've put together a little checklist that will make this task seem as bearable as possible in this heat.
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Here are a few ideas to keep the costs down and the style high.
Who said being a great hostess meant spending big bucks?
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The next best thing to having the handsome decorator over for brunch.