Fasting from dusk til dawn is only one of the five pillars of the holiday, but YouTuber and songwriter Khaled Siddique is here to tell you of some other things you should stop doing to have a more meaningful Ramadan.
Now a third. Just last week a new brilliant statement emerged, "Preventing Alzheimer's Disease by Means of Natural Selection
In our latest explainer, we break down where it came from, what might happen if we do nothing about it, and what a potential solution could look like.
In the U.S., the outward markings of success are for sale. The value of these status symbols is particularly high for people when they are feeling that they are being discriminated against.
Did you know that your brain can remember over 50,000 scents? Or that the average American consumes 14,820 pounds of meat
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Scientists have figured out why, and it has to do with our eyes' inability to focus on a smartphone's small screen AND adjust
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Aside from the obvious pleasure a gentle human touch can bring, scientists are now discovering valid scientific benefits to such interaction.