Kristen Stewart is just the latest celebrity to experiment with her eyebrows.
The actress rocked the new look at the Chanel show in South Korea.
A great eyebrow look can may your eyes bigger, your face slimmer, and in fact it can work a little magic!
College is a time to learn all about money management. There's books to buy, pizza to eat, beer to drink and at some point you have to learn which of those three to save your money on.
I love brow-tinting. Millions of people love brow-tinting. But it turns out that we might have to give up the treatment to darken our arches and lashes very soon, thanks to new regulations that have somehow been flying under the radar.
Brows are it! I'm in my favorite European city researching our Paris guidebook with co-author Steve Smith, and I'm feeling
The claim: Adding waxy concealer to your bare brows before you fill them in will actually make your made-up eyebrows last
And yes, we're addressing that unibrow.
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With show-stopping face-framers being the norm right now, you'd think we could finally dismiss those major brow mistakes as a thing of the past, right? Wrong. It turns out you may be sabotaging your own gorgeous eyebrows without even realizing it.
10. Julianne Hough Her brows are dancing with the stars. 8. Beyonce Sasha Fierce is extra-fierce without any eyebrows. Brows
What you may not know about owning a pit bull is just how much you'll grow to love these blocky-headed dogs. Owning a pit bull may be habit-forming. You just might own two, or maybe three, or if you're really lucky, you just might own four. Good things come in multiples sometimes.