By Danielle Fontana for NewBeauty The quest for a perfect cat’s-eye is one that every makeup user—both experienced or new
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Accentuate your facial features with these brilliant beauty tips.
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My confession: Using eyeliner on your lips as a way to prep and prime them for lip colors is actually more effective than using normal lip liner.
We have all been there before. Stuck at work with dinner reservations only half an hour away. If you don't leave in the next ten minutes you are sure to be late.
Take a seat when you apply liquid liner. "If you're standing and have nothing to rest your elbows on, you're going to have
I am always on the hunt for cheaper products that are comparable to their more expensive versions. There is just something so satisfying from getting the same $65 look from a foundation for only $15. That being said, I have found products out there that are definitely on the pricier side but really do live up to the hype.
Being new to makeup doesn't mean you need to learn about everything all at once. In reality, there are only a few essentials you need to add to your kit if you are just starting out.
The goal of this interview should be to demonstrate your competencies, qualifications and attention to detail; however, you should be prepared to look the part.
2. Extend the liner from the lower lid line and draw until you reach a desired length. 3. Complete the outline of the wing
Eimear McElheron: Try Two Different Kinds Of Eyeliner Step 1: Mark four diagonal lines outlining the direction of your line
Eyeliner compounds like wax or oil can irritate sensitive eyes or stain and smudge contact lenses, leading to increasingly
This is a close up of glitter eye makeup moving across the eye, as viewed through a slit lamp courtesy of Dr. Alison Ng
The beauty trends at New York Fashion Week were as distinct as a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. "Lazy girl" style ran
The cat-eye effect has reigned supreme in recent months, but it looks like there's a new liner trick in town. "The idea was