By Danielle Fontana for NewBeauty The quest for a perfect cat’s-eye is one that every makeup user—both experienced or new
Photo: Courtesy of Sephora Fake Eight Hours of Sleep "I love using a white eyeliner in the waterline for an instant pick
Accentuate your facial features with these brilliant beauty tips.
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My confession: Using eyeliner on your lips as a way to prep and prime them for lip colors is actually more effective than using normal lip liner.
We have all been there before. Stuck at work with dinner reservations only half an hour away. If you don't leave in the next ten minutes you are sure to be late.
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I am always on the hunt for cheaper products that are comparable to their more expensive versions. There is just something so satisfying from getting the same $65 look from a foundation for only $15. That being said, I have found products out there that are definitely on the pricier side but really do live up to the hype.