A disturbing video shows cops aiming a gun at a black family after their 4-year-old daughter took a doll from the dollar store.
In 2003, Rick Ridder helped launch Howard Dean. Sixteen years later, his daughter, Jennifer, hopes to do the same for Steve Bullock.
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She also wrote the hugely loved Mog books, about a family and their cat.
“For too long, crucial issues have been dismissed as secondary issues or ‘women’s issues,’” the Democratic presidential candidate said.
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I don’t want to carry a purse in the amusement parks. Fanny pack, plop into my cart! We’re going to Orlando in June. Portable
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The comedian has two daughters with her husband, Justin Hakuta.
His family was ready to greet him with wide open arms.
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I'm frustrated because my body is not doing something it has done before.
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