"As an American who recently moved to Bordeaux with my family, culture shocks have become a familiar part of my daily life."
These words would mean so much to moms and dads of grown kids, therapists say.
You may think this kind of language is harmless, but therapists say it's best to avoid it.
"I understood that not talking about the pain I was feeling would protect them. So we all learned to pretend."
Experts say it's possible for parents to "un-spoil" a kid, but only if they set limits and stick to them — yes, even in the face of a tantrum.
Nobody wants to be in a romantic relationship with a self-centered lover.
"I grieve the loss of who I was: someone who felt secure in the knowledge that I had never knowingly caused anyone grief."
When it comes to nurturing friendships, experiencing vicarious joy is more important than we realize.
"After three weeks visiting my dad, I was scheduled to fly home. 'I don’t want you to go,' he told me."
"I remember thinking that he went to the doctor more than seemed usual, but when I asked if there was a reason why, he quickly changed the subject."