It’s been around for more than one hundred years, but the Labor Day holiday had bloody beginnings.
One Size Doesn't Fit All When It Comes To Women's Health.
This tiny Pill has changed the lives of women across the world - and it all started with a nurse named Margaret Sanger. #NationalNursesWeek
Making the right decisions when taking contraception can be tricky and hard. Most methods of contraception will not protect you against catching or passing on a STI however knowing your options will ensure the best decision is made.
"Nothing about the situation I found myself in aligned with the vision I subscribed to for so long. Part of me felt like I was undoing everything both I and my ancestors had worked for."
"Publicly, my father presented as a kind, generous, charismatic man, a person of wit and intelligence. Privately, he imposed his will over others."
Traveling with infants can be tricky. This ultra-convenient travel bag is a lifesaver — and it's available on Amazon.
Like a projection screen for backyard movie nights, an inflatable pool and yard games for the whole family.
"When I was 12, my dad developed lung cancer. I felt sad to watch him suffer so much from ultimately futile treatments — but the weaker he got, the less afraid I felt."
"I decided I would reach out to my father. I would apologize for taking my sadness out on him. ... I believed I had time."