"My mom’s guidelines were clear: we will accept this, but we will not talk about it — not even with each other."
The first lady told the talk show host that things happen for the best and that life will eventually “look better.”
The "This Is Us" star announced the birth of her first child, August Harrison Goldsmith, on Instagram Tuesday.
From little kids to teens, here's to make the unknown exciting again – and calm any nerves.
"When we got married, we had seemingly perfect couples tell us we were doomed because we were doing it 'wrong.'"
"One of our kids spilled a container of glitter so now we have to move."
Whether you had a falling out or just drifted apart, here's how to start a conversation with an old friend.
The Fox News host is very uncomfortable with the first couple's openly affectionate relationship.
It’s the first child for both actors, who married in 2018.
Start the conversations when they're young and encourage openness so they can learn about wealth, money, pay and discrimination.