Family Entertaining

Easter Sunday is a time for family and friends to gather and enjoy a special meal together. If you are hosting this meal at your home, you are probably focused on making sure that the foods you cook and bake will be items that everyone will enjoy. But, you also need to remember many details beyond the food to truly be a hospitable host.
Food stylist and cookbook author Susan Spungen knows a thing or two about entertaining.
Forget those run-of-the-mill, standard party ideas. I did some serious digging to arm you with new, interesting and tons-of-fun themes that will stand out.
Cooking a whole meal without animal products can sometimes strike fear in our hearts.
With recipes like Nutella-stuffed French toast, you can't go wrong.
Hint: it includes the words 'mayonnaise' and 'burrito'.
For Mother's Day, bringing Mom breakfast in bed is special... if you're five years old! It's time to treat Mom to a fabulous Mother's Day brunch.
This kind-of-vichyssoise-but-not-really was the result of my mother's legendary foresight.